I am a Coach, Supervisor, and Mentor. On my path to becoming a Coach, I have lived in three countries (and continents!), worked for over a decade in marketing and management positions in the telecom and non profit sectors. About fifteen years ago I started my coaching practice. Taking and combining all these experiences, I bring a unique point of view to my work with corporate and private clients

My method draws from a combination of academic and field work. It’s based on active reflection, is results focused and is customized and tailored for you.

"Zuno’s coaching is challenging and edgy, the kind that’s meant to produce RESULTS. He made me see different sides of things, entirely new perspectives. He has the courage to guide me to question old beliefs and see if they are still serving me, and then to discover what would serve even better. His coaching is thought-provoking, in-depth, and powerful. Zuno is a masterful coach!" -Trudy Costa, Relationship Coach, Purpose & Possibility, LLC,US.

My Doctorate dissertation in Columbia University in NY, where I analyzed and researched the coaching process, became one of the first academic publications in this field. As part of the Adult Learning and Leadership Department, I have also taught Experiential Coaching courses and workshops at Columbia University.

Over the last fifteen years, I have worked with hundreds of English, Spanish, and Hebrew-speaking clients around the globe, either face to face, by phone or internet. The corporate world has opened its doors for me in coaching, leadership, training, and facilitator roles. My clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, career-changers, senior executives and leaders, as well as with young high-potentials, and teams.

In addition to the tailored made coaching processes for each client, I have developed the unique Breakthrough Coaching method,

"A 'breakthrough' session with Zuno was just what I needed to get myself "unstuck." It led me to alter my thinking, take chances, and make some much needed changes in my life. Zuno helped me to clarify the direction I wanted to take, and, as a result, I changed my focus, successfully met new goals, and now love what I'm doing!" Meg Akabas, Parenting Consultant,

Today I live in Tel Aviv with my wife and three children where I get to continue to help clients achieve personal and professional transformation, and to serve as the academic director of Bar Ilan University’s Continuing Education Coaching Program, and lecture at The College of Management Academic Studies.

What is Coaching?

I see Coaching (Executive and Personal) as an action-oriented method of developing your strengths and resolving issues. Coaching is a partnership and with my help (the coach), you (the client) learn to hear your own voice, identify your real goals, and take action for change. As your coach, I provide support, encouragement, and guidance to allow you to listen to yourself and chart your own way.

"I went into coaching with specific goals and at the end of my sessions with Zuño; I was thoroughly satisfied with the amount of progress I had made in both the personal and professional arenas. I was also surprised at how Zuño helped me to come to understand what my true priorities were in life and what I had previously ignored. It was an extremely eye-opening experience that I would highly recommend. His professional services are valuable to anyone who is struggling or simply stuck in their decision making process." - April P., New York

"In only three months, I find a major improvement in my work environment as well as in my personal life. Zuño is smart, responsible and very professional." - Juan Carlos Ayarza, New York

How Does It Work?

Have you ever felt transformed by a conversation? I will listen to you in an active way, mirroring your thoughts back to allow you to hear yourself, and asking the key questions to unlock your mind to your future instead of reliving your past. This dynamic process allows you to find your own way based on your true strengths, your life experience, and your desires. My job is not to guide, but to facilitate you as the expert in your own life and profession. Together we will work towards your growth and your happiness and success.

Perhaps more importantly, I honestly and truly believe in you. I am there to provide unconditional support, without prejudice or judgment. I will encourage you to believe in yourself, reinforce your strengths, and actualize your potential.

"Zuño has strong ability to support and believe in the client, it's like he is 100% sure that I can do it and have all that it takes! And it's real, coming from the heart and not just words, so in the end you find yourself believing even if you are skeptical at first J! ...Zuño has the ability to "see through" things, see the real essence behind, and his comments were relevant and thought-provoking." Inna E. Haifa, Israel

Is Coaching For You?

Coaching has the potential to transform careers, personal lives, relationships, finances, and many other areas of life. Some work with a coach because they feel unhappy or stuck in a particular situation. They may find themselves faced with an overwhelming dilemma or decision a personal or professional crossroad. Many others work with a coach simply because they would like to move to their next level, feel better, act differently, or improve their lives. Coaching benefits most people as it facilitates clarity and achievement in any area the client decides to work on.

Are you faced with a dilemma or problem?

Do you feel stuck at a crossroad or overwhelmed?

Would you like to change something in your life?

Do you want to reach your full potential?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is yes, coaching may be right for you. Then contact me, NOW.

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